• Explosion-Proof Handling Equipment

Explosion-Proof Work Area Handling Equipment

Engineered Ergonomics designs, develops and integrates the 19000 EEx d Series Explosion Proof lifter to meet requirements for explosion proof material handling applications. Each explosion proof lifter that we integrate is self-contained and has EX enclosures for the control panel and motors according to EN Zone 1 requirements. The batteries are EX rated and are mounted with a “quick disconnect” feature for charging in a neutral zone.

Our line of explosion proof lifters are comprised of modules that allow for inter-changeability of components to meet all of your material handling needs. Engineered ergonomics can customize a wide variety of end-effectors to perfectly match with your payload and your work process.

Each lifter is provided with a lift motor for powering the mast slide for safe and easy movement and control of your specific end-effector. A foot operated rear central braking system is also included to enhance user safety and workability.

Additional Custom Options Available:

Remote Controller

Steel drums along with fiber and plastic can easily be handled with the 19000 EEx d lifter. A push button remote controller is provided can be utilized so that the operator can visually access the loading and unloading process. This enhances the functionality of the lifter and provides for greater ease in operation.

Optional Scale

A scale can also be provided to weight loads during processing operations. The scale is safe and easy to operate and provides the operator with weight information in order to perform timely productions weighing without offloading the drum to a separate scale. The unit saves time and effort and provides for greater operator efficiency.

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