• Pharmaceutical & Clean Room Handling Equipment

Pharmaceutical & Clean Room Handling Equipment

Engineered Ergonomics provides customized material lifting solutions developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our ergonomic lifting equipment can be customized to accommodate your payload and work process needs in sterile, clean room environments. Engineered Ergonomics lifting solutions are built with state-of-the-art anodized steel lifters that are IP 66 compliant can be quickly and easily be washed down.

We have designed and constructed a wide variety of clean room lifting equipment for our clients and we can develop a lifting solution that can completely integrate with your existing work flow. Our machines can be built to access tight spaces and/or low clearance heights. It’s our goal to make sure that your employees are working safely AND efficiently.

Engineered Ergonomics customized clean room lifting equipment can provide:

  • Mixing and manufacturing process assistance
  • Controlled product handling and pouring
    • Custom designed pour chutes available for additional control
  • Carrying capacities up to 500 lbs

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