• Mobile Lifters

Engineered Ergonomics designs and builds custom mobile lifters to improve productivity, increase work flow, and reduce costs associated with work-related accidents.

Our Process

We start by gathering information specific to your business, including:

  • Area of your work space and your work environment
  • The size, weight and grip requirements of your load
  • Your operational process including how you need to pick up, lift, maneuver and drop off each load
  • Overview of productivity including the number of shifts and load movements per day

We use the information to familiarize ourselves with your process and then determine a mobile lifter solution that is customized to fulfill your operational requirements.

Tooling Customized to Your Payload

No matter what your needs are, Engineered Ergonomics can create and integrate tooling that will accommodate to your exact material handling needs. From large and heavy payloads, to sensitive/fragile materials, we have developed solutions that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our areas of expertise include:

Video Demonstrations & On-Site Consultations Available

Engineered Ergonomics also offers video demonstrations for a wide variety of applications. Our engineers have extensive experience crafting tooling to fit unique lifting needs.

We also offer on-site consultations with our ergonomic experts. We will observe your work process and lifting requirements and then recommend a solution that will integrate seamlessly with your existing work flow.

For a free ergonomic analysis, fill out our contact form or talk with one of our ergonomic experts at 314.304.0221.

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