• How Material Handling Solutions Can Improve Productivity

Purchasing an engineered material handling solution can boost your company’s productivity in more ways than just one. These heavy-duty machines are designed to lift, move and manipulate a wide range of materials and objects. From large oil drums to airplane fuselage panels, there’s an engineered lifting solution for just about everything. So, how can they improve workplace productivity?

Move Heavy Loads in Less Time

Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that the faster you move materials, the greater your productivity will be. Just because workers can physically lift and move a large object doesn’t necessarily mean they should. It may two or three workers 10 minutes to move a liquid-filled drum across the factory. But an overhead rail-based lifter allows just a single worker to perform this task in minutes. By moving more product in less time – and using fewer workers – companies can benefit from higher productivity levels.

Reduces Risk of Worker Injury

Nearly 23,000 workers are injured each day in the United States. While many cases are minor and involve nothing more than a cut or bruise, others are more severe, consisting of broken bones, vision loss, and other serious injuries. All of these injuries can place a heavy financial burden on employers, as well as lower the company’s total work output. When a worker becomes injured or ill, the employer must divert resources to find a suitable replacement; thus, slowing down their work output.

Implementing engineered material handling solutions in your workplace can reduce the risk of worker injury while subsequently increasing your company’s productivity. Many work-related injuries are the result of workers picking up and/or moving heavy objects the wrong way (e.g. lifting their back instead of legs). A material handling solution will take this burden off their shoulders; thereby, reducing the risk of injury and increasing productivity.

Boosts Worker Morale

One of the lesser-known benefits of engineered lifting solutions is the positive impact it has on worker morale. Workers appreciate when their employer goes out of his or her way to implement new tools and equipment, and rightfully so: far too many employers use worn-down, outdated tools and equipment, stretching them as far as they possibly can. Buying a material handling solution for your workplace will show workers that you care about their safety and well-being, at which point they’ll feel more inclined to put their best foot – or feet – forward.

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